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16 July 2014 German label White Ashes Bild, Schrift & Tontraeger Manufaktur re-released old EP 2002 of martial industrial project Ophir - Saat & Ernte in digital format in BandCamp for "€9 EUR or more". It's now not 5-trs EP, this is real big longplay from 9 tracks. 4 bonus tracks were taken from 2CDs compilation 2005 Eiserne Ernte. ...
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New tape from Slogun now awailable

"As stated earlier, the cassette will have four new Slogun tracks on Side A, with one new Self track on Side B.

The release will be 32-minutes long and will come in special packaging.

The edition number has not been determined yet, but it will definitely be limited to under 100 copies."

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Remete - NEW side project of Kriegsfall-U, Zebaoth

Hamvaim the EP of Remete is finished now and available from the end of july! 4 tracks with intense and deep Dark Ambient spheres including strong Martial Industrial rythms - awesome and absolutly recommended!!!

listen http://remete.bandcamp.com

info https://www.facebook.com/castellumstoufenburc
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Some Sweden label Temple Of Death Productions will be released in 9 July 2014 the neu full-length album Arditi – Imposing Elitism in format cassette.

tracklist und info from discogs:
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Questions about neu album Fear (Van Records, 20-06-2014)

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T-Wald - Landeinwärts

Опубликовано: 11 июня 2014 г.
Clip from the upcoming album dedicated to Hermann Hesse.
Видеоклип с грядущего альбома, посвященного жизни и творческому пути Германа Гессе
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Лейбл Infinite Fog анонсировал выпуск в июне нового альбома Majdanek Waltz – Nachtlied (нем. Ночная песня). На discogs уже размещён релиз:

1 Ночная Песня
2 Nox Noctis I
3 Светила
4 De Profundis
5 Solea
6 Περσεφoνη
7 Города Луны
8 Nox Noctis II
9 Мрак и Покой
10 Розовый Вечер

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New track by In Slaughter Natives, preview of the upcoming album, to be released on Cyclic Law Summer Solstice 2014.

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74 minutes of bombastic, néoclassical & tribal post-industrial muzak which describes dark “survivalists” martial processions and post-apocalyptic landscapes. The album invites guests and brothers in arms as like: TSIDMZ, Vir Martialis, Front Sonore and includes the well-known propagandist and militant hymns in support of Ba’athism and Hezbollah “In Bashar we Trust”, “Army of Mahdi” and “Syria”. with speeches of Aleksandr Dugin, Raymond Abellio, Jean Parvulesco, Vladimir Putin, Bashar-Al-Assad & Hugo Chavez… “La Fosse de Babel” is an apocalyptic and combative soundtrack for the final eschatologic battle of the end, a sacred doctrine to built the Transfigured New Man to come … When the Red Sun of the Great Eurasian ... Read more »
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сегодня был исчерпан лимит дискового пространства нашего сайта в 477 mb - потому пришлось заплатить 354 руб. за увеличение его на 800 mb за один месяц. странно, но хостер посчитал как $3.09. впрочем, ладно, ибо деваться пока некуда.
кроме места под обложки альбомов ещё была полностью отключена реклама на всех страницах сайта, что очень комфортно для гостей или просмотров без логина, например с рабочих компов.
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