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Changes – A Ripple In Time (2006)

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Changes – Legends (2007) (re-ed. 1998)

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Changes – Psychonautika (2017)

“what matters most is how well you walk through the fire”
― Charles Bukowski
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прекрасный альбом. просто 10/10. пожалуй, возможно и лучший в неофолке 2017. привычный спокойный бой акустических гитар, эпические напевы, соло флейтой, всё как принято. по мне так лучшие треки We Went To Find The Sun (Мы отправились на поиски солнца) - этот трек уже издавался на сплите 2006 Changes / Allerseelen ‎"Men Among The Ruins" - и Chasing The Breath Of The Dragon (Преследование дыхания дракона). собственно и остальные треки все по своему хороши.

добавлю материал Heathen Harvest:

‘Psychonautika’ is an Aural and Visual Wonder From Changes
November 4, 2017

Psychonautika, the new studio album from Changes has now become a reality. Though known for their apocalyptic folk music, Changes’ oeuvre consists of other facets, love and love-lost songs, and songs of legends and legendary heroes. This album explores a further subgroup, the lyrical and musical journey into the universe and terra incognita of the human mind.

Consisting of thirteen musical tracks, the album, a gatefold, 12 inch LP, contains a picture disc and a 16-page full-color, liner booklet containing all lyrics with illustrations by Taylor and Tesluk set against the background of fractal digital imagery. Included with each copy are a pair of 3D ChromaDepth glasses with which to make the images amazingly emerge into the third-dimension. Join Changes on a journey into this multi-colored universe. A digital download code of the album’s music will accompany the purchase of each LP.

Remember, if you only have the music, you are missing half of the experience!

Psychonautika is a journey into the labyrinth of the three-pound universe of the human mind, a region of inner space still largely uncharted and unexplored.

Psychonautika is a brief and by no means exhaustive field report in lyrical and musical form of this journey to terra incognita of the human soul or psyche.

As was most likely evident with the song ‘Chasing the Breath of the Dragon’ the album consists of songs tightly or loosely related to mind and or personality-altering experiences and experimentation. Many with the positive influence on the enhancement of romantic relationships. ‘The Pointillist’ is dedicated to noted pointillist artist Virgil Warden Finley (1914 – 1971) who created many illustrations in books and magazines of the mid-twentieth century and is in homage to the art of pointillism. A song delving into the darker side of the mind is “Madness” and how fragile the line is between sanity and insanity. Even darker still is “Jekyll & Hyde”. It is of course, based on the classic story by Robert Louis Stevenson, about the doctor who experiments with a drug that can separate his good side from his bad side and the consequences that entails. The inspiration came from the years that a loved-one was struggling with drug abuse and how that can affect a normally good person to go quite badly.

The songs are only a part of the experience, since the images of the LP outer and inner cover, and the 16-Page Liner Booklet will be enhanced in viewing by the 3D ChromaDepth glasses of which a pair will be included with each copy of the LP. I have used computer generated fractal images on each of the pages. As each page is turned, the image from that set of pages will be mirror images of each other. There are also illustrations by Robert N. Taylor and Nicholas Tesluk included and all-in-all, the packaging of the album will be a wonderful curiosity.

The way the ChromaDepth glasses work is that they separate all of the colors of the rainbow, bringing reds forward, blues and blacks to the rear and all of the other colors in between. It is a stunning effect. So unlike 3D images that are two separate images that need to be viewed with binocular lenses (like the album by Tool several years ago), or 3D images where the image looks bad unless viewed with the red, blue or polarized 3D glasses, the images on this album will look perfectly fine without the glasses, but with them, the colors do some amazing things. The glasses can be used on any photograph or visual image in print or on the computer screen to enhance this 3D effect.

All lyrics on this release are Robert N. Taylor’s with music by Nicholas Tesluk except for “Jekyll & Hyde” which are Nicholas Tesluk’s lyrics and music. The song lineup on the album is:

R. N. Taylor: Vocals

Nicholas Tesluk: 12-string guitar, keyboards and vocals. All songs recorded at Third Street Studio, Marietta, Ohio.

Post-production and Mastering by Nicholas Tesluk at Twilight Lands Studios. Support on “Madness”, “Elusive Moonbeams”, “We Went to Find the Sun” and “The Pointillist” by Albin Julius and Marthynna.


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