L.E.A.K. - dark ambient. Sweden
L'Effet C'Est Moi - martial industrial, neoclassical. Italy
L.F.A. - experimental industrial. US
L'Horrible Passion - martial ambient. Spain
L'Orchestre Noir - neofolk. UK
La Dernière Attaque - martial industrial, neoclassical. Mexico
La Maison Moderne - neofolk. Austria
La Pietra Lunare - neofolk. Italy, Il Sannio
La Plimbare - experimental industrial, musique concrète. Romania
La Voix Des Nôtres - martial industrial. France
Lacus Somniorum - dark ambient. Sweden
Lady Morphia - neofolk, ambient. UK
Lagowski - experimental ambient. UK
Laibach - martial neoclassical. Slovenia
Lakes - neofolk, post-punk. Australia
Lamia Vox - ritual ambient. Russia
Lana del Rabies - experimental industrial. US
Land - martial industrial, dark ambient. France
Land:Fire - dark ambient. Germany
Larrnakh - martial industrial, neofolk. Hungary
LAShTAL - ritual ambient. Italy
Last Dominion Lost - experimental industrial. US
Le Revers Sanglant - martial neoclassical. France
Le Silence Des Ruines - martial industrial, dark ambient. France
Le Testament De La Lumière - martial industrial, dark ambient. Austria
Lead Into Gold - experimental industrial. US
Leakh - neofolk. Sweden
Lefteris Papadimitriou - musique concrète, percussion industrial. Greece
Lefthanded Sign - ritual ambient. Russia
Leger Des Heils - martial industrial, neofolk. Germany
Legionarii - martial industrial, neoclassical. Italy
Leidungr - martial industrial, neofolk. Sweden
Leila Abdul-Rauf - dark ambient. US
Les Affres De La Mort - Les Affres Du Passé - martial industrial, neoclassical. France
Les Chasseurs De La Nuit - neofolk, ambient. Denmark
Les Colonnes De L'Eternite - martial industrial, neoclassical. Sweden
Les Joyaux de la Princesse - martial ambient. France
Les Jumeaux Discordants - neofolk. Italy
Les Mort Skin - martial industrial, military noise. Bulgaria
Les Sentiers Conflictuels - martial industrial, dark ambient. France
Les Vampyrettes - experimental industrial. Germany
Letum - dark ambient. Sweden
Levoi Pravoi - martial industrial. Russia / US
Liable - experimental industrial. US
Lietterschpich - experimental industrial, noise rock. Palestinian Territory
Lieutenant Caramel - experimental industrial,avant-garde,musique concrète. France
Lightveil - drone ambient. Russia
Lindbergh Baby, The - neofolk. US
Lingua Fungi - tribal ambient. Finland
Linoja - neofolk. Lithuania
L'ira Dell'Agnello - neofolk. Italy
Lissy De Falkenstein - experimental industrial. France
Lithivm - dark ambient. Sweden
Liyr - martial industrial, neoclassical. France
Lockweld - death industrial. US
Loitsu - dark folk. Finland
Lonsai Maïkov - neofolk. France
Lord Wind - neofolk, ambient, neoclassical. Poland
Loretta's Doll - military pop. UK
Lost Kadath - dark ambient. Italy
Lou Reed - experimental industrial. US
Lovac - neofolk, experimental. Sweden
Lucisferrato - martial industrial, dark ambient. Russia
Ludola - neofolk. Poland
Luftwaffe - martial industrial, neofolk. US
Luigi Russolo - experimental industrial, musique concrète. Italy
Lunar Minstrels, The - neofolk, experimental. Spain
Lunar Womb - folk ambient. Finland
Lupercalia - neofolk, neoclassical. Italy
Lupi Gladius - martial industrial, neofolk. Italy
Lussuria - dark ambient. US
Lustmord - Brian Williams. dark ambient. UK
Lux Interna - neofolk. US
Lux Viridis - dungeon synth, black ambient. Ukraine
Lyndsie Alguire - IDM, ambient, neoclassical. Canada


MAA - dark folk. Finland
Macelleria Mobile Di Mezzanotte - experimental industrial, dark jazz. Italy
Mack Murphy & The Inmates - neofolk. Luxembourg
Maculatum - drone ambient. US / France
Maeror Tri - drone ambient. Germany
Maha Pralaya - ritual ambient, industrial darkwave. Russia
Majdanek Waltz - neofolk, ambient. Russia
Malicious Wonderland - experimental industrial. US
Mani Deum - dark folk. Greece
Manmachine - military noise. Germany
March Of Heroes - martial industrial, neoclassical. France
Mare Desiderii - drone ambient. Russia
MARS - apocalyptic folk. Germany
Martel de Fer - military pop. Russia
Martyria - ritual ambient. Greece
Maska Genetik - experimental industrial. Russia
Materialschlacht - martial industrial. Netherlands
Mathias Grassow - drone ambient. Germany
Matt Howden - neofolk. UK
Maurizio Bianchi - experimental industrial. Italy
Max Rider - dj mixes
Mecanica Popular - experimental industrial. Spain
Мєціженд / Mecizand - experimental industrial. Russia
Med Gen - field recording. Russia
Medusa's Spell - neofolk, ambient. Italy
Mee - experimental ambient. US
Megaptera - death industrial. Sweden
Melek-Tha - dark ambient. France
Metatron Omega - dark ambient. Serbia
Michael Cashmore - neofolk. UK
Michael Idehall - experimental industrial. Sweden
Miel Noir - neofolk, ambient. Bulgaria
Militia - martial industrial, percussion industrial. Belgium
Militia Dei - martial industrial. France
Ministry - experimental industrial, noise rock. US
Miracle Of Love - dark ambient. Italy
Moëvöt / Moevot - black ambient. France
Moljebka Pvlse - experimental ambient. Sweden
Monument Westwall - martial industrial, dark ambient. Germany
Moon And The Nightspirit, The - neofolk, pagan folk. Hungary
Moon Far Away - dark folk, ambient. Russia
Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud, The - martial industrial, dark ambient, medieval. Austria
Mora - experimental industrial. Serbia
Morgentaina - military pop, apocalyptic pop, dark ambient. Russia
Mørk Skog - dark ambient. Hungary
Morrigan's Fire - neofolk, ethereal. UK
Mortart - death industrial, minimal. Russia
Morthound - dark ambient. Sweden
Most Of The Taciturn - martial industrial, dark ambient. China
Mother Destruction / Sixth Comm - experimental industrial. UK
Mount Shrine - dark ambient. Brazil
Mrako-Su - dark ambient. Russia
Mulm - drone ambient. Norway
Munition - experimental industrial. Canada
Murmur Mori - neofolk. Italy
Mushroom's Patience - neofolk, experimental. Italy
Musk Ox - neofolk. Canada
Muskets, The - neofolk. US
Muslimgauze - experimental industrial. UK
Mynox Layh - experimental industrial. Germany
Myrninerest - David Tibet. apocalyptic folk, experimental. UK
Mystagogia - ritual ambient. Greece
Mystery School, The - neofolk, ambient. US
MZ.412 - Maschinenzimmer 412 - martial industrial. Sweden


Nackskott - death industrial. Sweden
NADA - dark ambient. Germany
Nadja - experimental ambient. Canada / Germany
Naevus - experimental, neofolk, post-punk. UK
Nam-Khar - ritual ambient. US
Namenlosigkeit - drone ambient. Netherlands
Nature And Organisation - neofolk. UK
Naudhiz - neofolk. Germany
Nawia - martial industrial, dark ambient. Poland
Nazi UFO Commander - experimental ambient. Germany
NDE - martial industrial, black metal. Belgium
Nebel - martial industrial, dark ambient. France
Nebelung - neofolk. Germany
Nechochwen - neofolk, pagan folk. US
Neither/Neither World - neofolk, experimental. US
Neizvestija - dark ambient. Sweden
Nekraїna - dark folk, experimental. Ukraine
Nekyia - martial industrial, dark ambient. Poland
Neon Insect - IDM, industrial, electro. Germany
Nepenthe - dark ambient. Germany
Neptune Towers - space ambient. Norway
Nest - dark folk, folk ambient. Finland
Netherworld - ambient. Italy
Neue Deutsche Stubenmusi - dark ambient, abstract. Germany
Neun Welten - neofolk. Germany
Neutral - dark folk. Russia
Nevod - martial industrial, dark ambient. Uzbekistan
New Processean Order - experimental industrial. Italy
Neznamo - drone ambient. Russia
Nhor - experimental ambient. UK
NID - dark folk. Italy
Niedowierzanie - neofolk, ambient. Germany
Niemandsvater - neofolk. Germany
Night At Noon - ritual ambient. US
Night Profound - neofolk, dark ambient. Canada
Nihil Novi Sub Sole - martial industrial, neoclassical. Netherlands
Nihilistic Front - military harsh noise. Bulgaria
Njurmännen - experimental industrial, synthpop. Sweden
No Festival Of Light - dark ambient. Sweden
No Heat - experimental industrial, avant-garde. US
No Way Out - martial industrial, noise ambient. France
Nobody - Stefano Di Felice. neofolk. Italy
Nocte - dark folk. UK, Edinburgh
Noctilucant - dark ambient. US
Nocturne - martial industrial, experimental. France
Nodding Folk, The - apocalyptic folk. UK
Node - ambient, berlin-school. UK
Non Ethos - dark ambient. Norway
Nordvargr - Henrik Nordvargr Björkk - dark ambient, noise industrial. Sweden
Northaunt - dark ambient. Norway
Northgate - martial ambient. Italy
Northumbria - arctic ambient. Canada
Nous - dark ambient, industrial darkwave. China
Novalis Deux - neofolk. Germany
November Növelet - experimental industrial. Germany
Novemthree - dark folk. US
Novo Homo - neofolk. Australia
Nový Svět - neofolk. Austria
Nox Arcana - dark ambient, neoclassical. US
Nubiferous - ritual ambient. Russia
Nuevo Ideal Nacional - martial industrial, military noise. Venezuela
Nurse With Wound - experimental industrial. UK
Nurtured Futility - drone ambient. US
Nyodene D - death industrial. US
Nytt Land - neofolk, nordic folk, ritual ambient. Russia

Ô Paradis - neofolk. Spain
Oado - dark folk, ambient. Iran
Oake - experimental industrial. Germany
Obšrr - neofolk. Lithuania
Oda Relicta - martial industrial, neoclassical. Ukraine
Ödland - neofolk. France
Of Earth And Sun - dark ambient. US
Of The Wand & The Moon - neofolk. Denmark
Okkyung Lee - contemporary improvisation, musique concrète. US
Oktober Black - neofolk. Portugal
Old Village - neofolk, ambient. Portugal
Oloolo - experimental industrial. Latvia
Ols - folk ambient. Poland
Omnicore - martial industrial. France
Once A Barge - neofolk. Germany
Oniric - neofolk, dark cabaret. Italy
Onsombl Enszemble - percussion industrial, improve industrial. Australia
Onus - dark ambient. Sweden
Oöphoi / Oophoi - space ambient. Italy
Oorchach - experimental industrial, ritual ambient. Lithuania
Opfer - drone ambient. BE, NL
Ophir - martial industrial, noise. Germany
Opium Dream Estate - neofolk, ambient. France
Oraison - neofolk, ambient. France
Orchestra Noir - neofolk. UK
Orchis - neofolk. UK
Ordem do Templo - martial industrial, neofolk. Portugal
Order Of The Black Pyramid - dark ambient. US
Order Of The Werewolf - martial industrial, dark ambient. Germany
Order Of Victory - martial industrial, neoclassical. Russia
Ordo Equilibrio - dark folk, dark ambient. Sweden
Ordo Equitum Solis - neofolk, ethereal. Italy
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - neofolk, apocalyptic pop. Sweden
Organisation Toth - martial industrial, ritual ambient. France
Organum - experimental industrial. UK
Orplid - neofolk. Germany
Osewoudt - neofolk. Netherlands
Ostara - neofolk. UK
Ostarbeiter - death industrial. Ukraine
Othala - neofolk. Denmark
Oudies - IDM, industrial. Estonia
Our God Weeps - martial industrial, neoclassical. Hungary
Outofsight - neofolk. Poland
Owl Service, The - neofolk, psych folk. UK
Owls - neofolk. Italy


Pact Infernal - experimental industrial. US
Pale Roses - neofolk. France
Paleowolf - tribal ambient. Serbia
Pantheon Legio Musica - martial industrial, neofolk, neoclassical. Germany
Panzar - military noise. Sweden
Paranoia Inducta - death industrial. Poland
Parfume Jill Jarry - experimental industrial, avant-garde jazz. Russia
Parzival - military pop, military EBM. Denmark
Passion Altar - drone ambient. Canada
Passione Nera - neofolk. Italy
Penitent - artial industrial, neoclassical. UK
Penjaga Insaf - ritual ambient. Germany
Persona - martial industrial, dark ambient. Spain
Peter Bjärgö - dark ambient, darkwave, neoclassical. Sweden
Peter Christopherson - experimental industrial. UK
Phase II - neofolk, psychedelic rock. US
Phelios - dark ambient. Germany
Phragments - martial industrial, dark ambient. Slovakia
Pierre Schaeffer - musique concrète. France
Pilori - neofolk, ethereal. Germany
Pimentola - martial industrial, dark ambient, neoclassical. Finland
Pinkcourtesyphone - ambient, abstract. US
Pjusk - experimental ambient. Norway
Plagiarism Is Art - martial industrial, noise. Spain
Plaster - drone ambient, percussion industrial. Italy
Playground - experimental industrial, noise rock. US
Poets To Their Beloved - dark folk, ethereal. Germany
Polnalyubvi - neofolk, neoclassical. Russia
Polterngeist / Шумный Дух - noise ambient. Belarus
Post Scriptvm - dark ambient. US
Pragnavit - folk ambient. Belarus
Predella Avant - martial industrial, neoclassical. Netherlands
Predominance - dark ambient. Germany
Preussak - military EBM. Germany
Pride Of Wolves, The - martial industrial, neofolk. UK / Germany
Primitive Outtakes - experimental industrial. Germany
Primus Inter Pares - neofolk, synthpop. Germany
Progetto Morte - dark ambient. Italy
Proiekt Hat death industrial. Sweden
Project Hypoxia - tribal industrial. Russia
Protagonist, The - martial neoclassical. Sweden
protocell - dark ambient. Japan
protoU - dark ambient. Ukraine
Psionic Asylum - drone ambient. Russia
Psychomanteum - dark ambient. US
Psychonaut 75 - ritual ambient. US
Pterygium - experimental industrial. Australia
Puissance - martial industrial, neoclassical. Sweden
Purity Of Essence - musique concrète, field recordings, noise. US
Pyhä Kuolema - neofolk, folk rock. Finland


Qvercvs - martial industrial, neoclassical. Russia


R|A|A|N - ritual ambient. US
R.A.N. - dark ambient, techno. Turkey
Radiation Bath - death industrial. US
Radio Eichenlaub - martial ambient. Germany
Raflum - dark folk, acoustic. China
raison d'être - dark ambient. Sweden
Rajna - neofolk, ethereal. France
Randal Collier-Ford - drone ambient. US
Rasalhague - space ambient. US
Rauppwar - drone ambient, percussion industrial. Brazil
Recondita Stirpe - neofolk, cabaret noir. Italy
Refectori - experimental industial, drone ambient. Spain
Regard Extrême - martial industrial, neoclassical. France
Reichweitenlos - space ambient. Germany
Remete - martial industrial, dark ambient. Hungary
Reserva Espiritual De Occidente - experimental industrial, ritual ambient. Spain
Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus, The - apocalyptic folk, experimental. UK
Reutoff - experimental ambient. Russia
Reverberant Evenings - drone ambient. Italy
Ribat - martial industrial, experimental. Azerbaijan
Rising Shadows - neofolk, ethereal, neoclassical. Sweden
Ritual Front - neofolk. Russia
Rituals In Oscillation - experimental industrial. UK
Robert Henke - noise ambient. Germany
Robert Rich - ambient, tribal. US
Roly Porter - experimental industrial. UK
Roma Amor - neofolk, dark cabaret. Italy
Rome - martial industrial, neofolk. Luxembourg
Romowe Rikoito - neofolk. Russia
Rose Rovine E Amanti - neofolk, neoclassical. Italy
Rosenshoul, The - dark ambient, experimental. Australia
Roto Visage - dark ambient. US
Roving Magpie, The - dark folk. Italy
Ruhe - martial industrial, dark ambient. Germany
Ruinous Tactics - experimental industrial. UK
Rukkanor - martial industrial, dark ambient. Poland
Rumunija - neofolk, avant-garde, ethno-psychedelic. Lithuania
Run Atalanta! - martial industrial, neoclassical. Poland
Ruptured World - dark ambient. Scotland, UK
RU_486 - dark ambient. Poland
Ryr - martial industrial, military noise. Russia


S36NZ-Okh - experimental industrial. Russia
S S S S - dark ambient. Switzerland
S.E.T.I. - space ambient. UK
Sa Bruxa - dark ambient. Italy
Sabled Sun - space ambient. Sweden
Sagentoeter - neofolk. Austria
Sagittarius - neofolk, neoclassical. Germany
Sal Solaris - dark ambient. Russia
Sala Delle Colonne - martial industrial, neoclassical. Italy
Salo Salon - death industrial. Germany
Salt - experimental industrial. Germany
Sanatorium - dark ambient
Sangre De Muérdago - neofolk. Spain
Sargasso Sea - experimental ambient. Canada
Satanismo Calibro 9 - death industrial. Italy
Satori - experimental industrial. UK
Saturn Form Essence - space ambient. Ukraine
Scapegoat - dark ambient. US
Schattenspiel - martial industrial, neoclassical. Germany
Schlafwagen - martial industrial, military noise. Hungary
Schloss Tegal - dark ambient. Germany
Schmeisser - electro-industrial, martial. Germany
Schräge Musik - martial industrial. UK
Schriever Rundflugzeug Projekt (S.R.P.) - experimental industrial. Germany
Schummer Gergely - martial industrial. Hungary
Schutzstaffel - martial industrial. Bulgaria
Schwadron - martial industrial, military noise. Germany
SchwarzerWagenKnecht - dark ambient. Germany
Scivias - neofolk. Hungary
Scorpio Doctrine - neofolk. Finland
Scorpion Wind - apocalyptic folk. US/UK/Australia
Scripta Sensus - martial industrial, dark ambient. Latvia
Sealed In Blood - dark ambient. Poland
Sect - martial neoclassical. Poland
Seelenlicht - neofolk. UK
Seelenthron - neofolk. Germany
Seinsvergessenheit - martial industrial, neoclassical. Belgium
Sektionseinheit - martial industrial, dark ambient. Germany
Sektor 304 - dark ambient. Portugal
Sen Svaja - neofolk, folk rock. Lithuania, Vilnius
Septimo Romae - martial industrial. Spain
Sequestered Keep - dungeon synth. US
Seren Ffordd - dark ambient. UK
Seuchensturm - martial industrial, dark ambient. Germany
Seven Pines - neofolk. France
Seventh Dawn, The - dark folk, ethereal. Australia
Seventeen Migs of Spring - experimental industrial, drone ambient, IDM. Israel
Sewer Goddess - death industrial. US
Shadows And Dust - martial industrial, dark ambient. Netherlands
Shane Morris - dark ambient. US
Sharron Kraus - neofolk, songwriter, experimental. UK
Shattered Hand - neofolk. US
She Spread Sorrow - death industrial. Italy
Shedir - experimental ambient. Italy
Shibalba - ritual ambient. Greece
Shinjuku Thief - dark ambient. Australia
Shrine - dark ambient. Bulgaria
Shrine, The - ritual ambient. Spain
Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum - martial, neofolk. Italy/Germany
Sieben - The Mighty Sieben - neofolk, violin. UK
Sigil & Key - ritual ambient. US
Sigrun Heid - martial industrial. Germany
Silence & Strength - dark ambient. Israel
Silent Love Of Death - neofolk, ambient. Spain
Silent Universe - space ambient. Belarus
Simon - martial industrial, military noise. Russia
Sinke Dûs - dark ambient. Sweden
Sinweldi - military pop. France
Sirius Radiance - space ambient. Russia
Skald - neofolk. France
Skin Chamber - experimental industrial. US
Skold - experimental industrial, noise rock. US
Sköll - neofolk, folk rock, rock identitario. Italy
Skrol - martial industrial, neoclassical. Czechia
Skullflower - experimental industrial, noise rock. UK
Skythrone - dungeon synth. Russia
Sleeping Pictures - neofolk, experimental. UK
Snotvorno - dark ambient. Uzbekistan
SnowW.Wwhite - military pop. UK
Socrates Wounded - neofolk, ambient. US
Soil Bleeds Black, The - neofolk, medieval. US
Sol - dark ambient. Denmark
Sol Invictus - neofolk. UK
Solanaceae - neofolk. Denmark
Solblot - neofolk. Sweden
Soldat - martial industrial. US
Solstorm - neofolk. Norway
Somber Dawn - dark ambient. Poland
Somewhere In Europe - neofolk, experimental. UK
Sonne Hagal - neofolk. Germany
Sonne und Stahl - martial industrial, neoclassical. Germany
Sonnenkind - neofolk. Germany
Sonnentau - neofolk. Germany
Sonnwin - neofolk. Germany
Sophia - martial industrial, dark ambient. Sweden
Soporus - field recordings. US
Sorgeist - martial industrial, dark ambient. Canada
Soriah - ritual ambient, throat singing. US
Sorrow - neofolk. Scotland
Sorrow Of The Sun And The Scarlet Sparrows - apocalyptic folk, ambient. US/France
Sortsyn - experimental industrial. Denmark
Soul That Creates, The - martial ambient. France
Spanxti - neofolk, folk rock. Lithuania
Spælimenninir / Spaelimenninir - nordic folk. Faroe Islands
Spasm - experimental industrial. US
Sphäre Sechs - space ambient. Germany
Spine - dark ambient. Germany
Spiral69 - neofolk, post-punk. Italy
Spiritual Front - neofolk. Italy
SPK - experimental industrial. Australia
Splendor Solis - neofolk. Russia
Splintered - experimental industrial, noise rock. UK
Spreu & Weizen - martial industrial, neoclassical. Germany
Stahlwerk 9 - martial industrial. Germany
Stalag 328 - military noise. Ukraine
Stalingrad - martial industrial, neoclassical. Italy
Stalnoy Pakt - Стальной Пактъ - martial ambient. Russia
Stalowa Wola - martial industrial. Poland
Stara Rzeka - neofolk, ambient. Poland
Stark Von Oben - martial industrial. US
Static Sky - experimental industrial, IDM. Germany
Steel Hook Prostheses - death industrial. US
Stein - neofolk. Germany
Steve Roach - ambient, berlin school. US
Stielhandgranate - martial industrial, dark ambient. France
Stone Breath - neofolk, psych folk. US
Stone Wired - death industrial. US
Storm Of Capricorn - martial industrial, dark ambient. France
Stormfågel - neofolk. Sweden
Stórmir - neofolk. Germany
Strength Through Joy - neofolk, experimental, ambient. Australia
Stricta Doctrina - martial neoclassical. Canada
Striider - martial industrial, dark ambient. Netherlands
Strom Noir - drone ambient. Slovakia
Stromstad - death industrial. Finland
Stroszek - neofolk, acoustic. Italy
Strydwolf - neofolk. Netherlands
Sturm - martial industrial, neoclassical. France
Sturmast - martial industrial, neofolk. Hungary
Sturmführer - martial ambient. US
Sturmkind - experimental industrial. Germany
Sturmovik - martial industrial. Germany
Sturmpercht - neofolk, alpine folk. Austria
Stuzha - dark ambient. Russia
Sub Luna - neofolk. Sweden
Subaudition - neofolk, acoustic. Finland
Subheim - ambient, downtempo. Greece/Germany
Subhuman - martial industrial, military noise. Russia
Subklinik - death industrial. US
Sudden Infant - experimental industrial. Germany
Sukkubus Blues - drone ambient. Belarus
Summer In Prypjat - martial industrial, dark ambient, Germany
Sun And Flesh - dark folk. Russia
Sun Sinks, The - martial industrial
Sun Through Eyelids - dark ambient. New Zealand
Sunn 0))) - drone ambient. US
Sunset Wings - dark folk. Russia
Surgical Meth Machine - experimental industrial. US
Surma - martial industrial. Ukraine
Suveräna - martial neoclassical. Spain
Sva Battalion - martial industrial, military noise. Russia
Svalbard - military pop, neofolk. Belarus
Svarrogh - neofolk. Bulgaria
Svartsinn - dark ambient. Norway
Swans - experimental industrial, noise rock. US
Swesor Bhrater - experimental, neofolk. France
Swirling Sunwheels - military noise, dark ambient. Canada
System Morgue - drone ambient. Russia
Syven - dark folk, ritual. Finland


T. A. C. - Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata - apocalyptic folk, experimental. Italy
T-Wald (ex-Transistorwald) - martial industrial, noise ambient. Russia
Tábor Radosti - ritual ambient. Czech Republic
Tamerlan - dark folk, ambient. Serbia
Tanz Ohne Musik - analogue industrial, angst-pop. Romania
Taphephobia - drone ambient. Norway
Tau Emerald - dark folk, ethereal. US
Tauusk - drone ambient. Romania
Teahouse Radio - dark ambient. Sweden
Tears Of Othila - neofolk, neoclassical. Italy
Teenage Granny - percussion industrial, musique concrete, noise. Philippines
Teeth Engraved With The Names - death industrial. US
TeHÔM - ritual ambient. Croatia
Tempesta Noire - neofolk. Germany
Templegarden's - dark ambient. Germany
Tenhi - neofolk, ambient. Finland
Terra Sancta - dark ambient. Australia
Tertium Organum - field recording. Croatia
Tervahäät - dark folk. Finland
Tethrippon - martial industrial, modern classical, Greece
Thanatronic - martial industrial, military noise. Argentina
That Summer - neofolk, post-rock. France
Thee Maldoror Kollective - experimental industrial. Italy
Theodor Bastard - Фёдор Сволочь. neofolk, ethnic. Russia
Theologian - death industrial. US
Therradaemon - dark ambient. Norway, Trondheim
This Morn' Omina - tribal ambient. Belgium
Tholen - dark ambient. Germany
Thorn Agram - martial industrial, dark ambient. Croatia
Throbbing Gristle - experimental industrial. UK
THU20 - experimental industrial. Netherlands
Thunderwheel - martial industrial, neoclassical. Israel
Thy Violent Vanities - neofolk. France
To End It All - death industrial. US
Tomas Weiss - drone ambient. Germany
Tonal Y Nagual - neofolk, krautrock. Germany
Tony Wakeford - neofolk. UK
Tor Lundvall - ambient. US
Töria ‎- experimental industrial. Denmark
Toroidh - martial industrial, dark ambient. Sweden
Torturecide - death industrial. US
Totenlieder - neofolk. Spain
Tottenham Ayatollah - experimental industrial. UK
Traum'er Leben - neofolk. Germany
Träume - martial industrial. Portugal
Trèfle Noir - dark ambient. France
Treha Sektori - dark ambient. France
Trepaneringsritualen - death industrial. Sweden
Trewwa - martial industrial, neoclassical. Russia
Trial Of The Bow - tribal ambient. Australia
Triarii - martial neoclassical. Germany
Tribe Of Circle - martial industrial. France
Tribes Of Medusa - martial industrial, dark ambient. US
Trinithos - neofolk. Germany
TriORE - military pop. Germany
Triple Tree, The - neofolk. UK
Trobar de Morte - neofolk, medieval. Spain
Troika, The - martial industrial, neofolk. Switzerland
Troum - dark ambient, experimental. Germany
Truart - neofolk, experimental. Ukraine
Trublion 23 - neofolk. France
True Will, The - martial industrial, dark ambient. Netherlands
TSIDMZ (Thule Sehnsucht In Der Maschinen Zeit) - martial industrial, military noise. Italy
Tugend - martial ambient. US
Tuhat Kuolemaa Sekunnissa - dark folk, folk rock. Finland
Tunnels of Āh - dark ambient. UK
Turbund Sturmwerk - martial ambient. Germany
Tusen År Under Jord - dark ambient, neoclassical. Sweden
Tvlpa - experimental ambient. Sweden
Tvmvlvs Seraphim - martial industrial, dark ambient. Italy
Twa Corbies - neofolk. UK/Germany
Twelve Thousand Days - 12000 Days - neofolk. UK
Twilight Shine - experimental industrial. Russia


Uho za Oko - experimental industrial. Slovenia
Ultrapolar Intrusion / Ультраполярное Вторжение - military noise. Russia
Ulver - ambient, black metal. Norway
Ulvesang - neofolk. Canada
Un Défi D'Honneur - military pop. Netherlands
Uncle Grasha's Flying Circus - death industrial, dark ambient. Czech Republic
Underscore - drone ambient. US
Unequal Treaty - martial industrial, neoclassical, dark ambient
unsettled dust - drone ambient. Russia
Unterdrückung - martial industrial, dark ambient. Germany
Unternehmen Dreizack - martial industrial, experimental. Germany
Unto Ashes - neofolk, ethereal, darkwave. US
Unveiled - dark ambient. Denmark
Upsland - martial industrial, military pop. France
Urdraum - neofolk, ambient. Portugal
Urfyr - martial industrial, dark ambient. Germany
Urna - folk ambient. Italy
Uruk-Hai - ambient, metal. Austria
Urze de Lume - dark folk. Portugal
Utopiae - dark folk. Germany


V.O.M.M. - experimental industrial. UK
V-1 - martial industrial, dark ambient. Poland
Vacuum Aeterna - dark ambient. Italy
Vae Victus - martial industrial. US
Valence - neofolk. US
Vàli - neofolk. Norway
Varunna - neofolk. Italy
Vatican Shadow - experimental industrial. US
Ve Europa - martial industrial. Germany
Velehentor - dark ambient. Russia
Velemara - dark ambient. Lithuania
Vėlių Namai / Veliu Namai - ritual ambient, industrial darkwave. Lithuania
Venerence - experimental industrial. US
Verbum - martial industrial, neoclassical. Spain
Verdandi - neofolk. US
Vergissmeinnicht - dark folk, ambient, acoustic. China
Vermin.d - ritual ambient. Germany
Verney 1826 - martial industrial, neoclassical. Germany
Vestigial - dark ambient. Italy
Vetrophonia - experimental industrial. Russia
Vidna Obmana - dark ambient. Belgium
Vile Flesh - experimental industrial. Russia
Vilkduja - neofolk, pseudofolk quabbareth. Lithuania
Vindensång - neofolk, ambient. US
Vinterriket - dark ambient. Germany
Vir Martialis - martial industrial. Venezuela
VIS35 - martial industrial. Poland
Vishudha Kali - experimental industrial. Russia
Vladimír Hirsch - experimental industrial. Czechia
Volksweerbaarheid - neofolk. Netherlands
Vomit Arsonist, The - death industrial. US
Von Liebenfels - martial industrial, dark ambient. New Zealand
Von Thronstahl - martial neoclassical. Germany
Vorfahren - neofolk. US
Vortex - ritual ambient. Germany
Voxus Imp. - neofolk. Germany
Vril Jäger - martial industrial. Denmark


Waffenruhe - martial industrial, dark ambient. Germany
Waisenfels - martial industrial, neoclassical. Germany
Waldeinsamkeit - neofolk. Spain
Walden - dark folk, acoustic. Germany
Waldsonne - neofolk. Russia
Waldteufel - neofolk, ritual folk. US
Waldtraene - neofolk, acoustic, pagan folk. Germany
Wappenbund - martial neoclassical. Germany
Ward Of Iron - neofolk. US
Wardrobe, The - neofolk. UK
Wardruna - neofolk, pagan folk. Norway
Warraha - martial industrial. Poland
Wave Debb - percussion industrial, musique concrète, improvisation. UK
Weh - neofolk. Norway
Weihan - martial industrial, neofolk. Belgium
Welcome Black - experimental ambient. Russia
Well Of Sadness, The - martial industrial. Italy
Werkgruppe Ludendorff - neofolk, martial industrial. Germany
Werkraum - neofolk. Germany
Wermut - neofolk, experimental. Germany
Werra - neofolk. Germany
Westwind - martial industrial, dark ambient. France
While Angels Watch - neofolk. UK
White Chamber - neofolk. Denmark
Whorid - death industrial. US
Wiener Aktivisten - martial industrial, military noise, neoclassical. Germany
Winterhart - neofolk, military. Germany
Wojnar - dungeon synth, black ambient. Poland
Wolcensmen - neofolk. UK
Wolfsblood - neofolk, ambient. Russia
Wolfskin - tribal ambient. Portugal
Wöljager - neofolk. Germany
Wolves And Horses - ambient. Belgium
Woodbender - experimental ambient. Netherlands
Woodland Choir - neofolk. Hungary
Wordclock - dark ambient. Portugal
Worms Of The Earth - dark ambient. US
Wreathes - neofolk, psychedelic folk. US
Wukowar - neofolk. Russia
Wyrm, The - neofolk. Spain


x61x - percussion industrial, dark ambient. Italy
Xalm Retribution - dark ambient. Russia


Yarn' - dark ambient, black metal. Russia
Yen Pox - dark ambient. US
Yew - dark folk. US


Zagrob - martial industrial, neofolk. Croatia
Zavoloka - IDM, ambient. Ukraine
Zebaoth - martial industrial. Hungary
Zerivana - neofolk, ambient. Poland
Zinovia - IDM, ambient. Greece
Zion Sleep Syndrome - dark ambient, downtempo. US
Zombies Under Stress - experimental industrial, techno. Netherlands
Zos Kia - experimental industrial. UK
Zr19.84 - martial industrial, dark ambient. Italy


Вежа Хмар / Vezha Hmar / Veja Hmar - ritual ambient. Ukraine
Вой - death industrial. Russia
Леса Листвы — Lesa Listvy - tribal ambient. Russia
Лихолесье / Liholesie - folk ambient. Russia
Мєціженд / Mecizand - experimental industrial. Russia
Нейромонах Феофан - drum'n'bass, neurofunk. Russia
Помни Имя Свое / Pomni Imja Svojo / Remember Your Name - dark folk. Russia
СПЯ (Союз Пустоты и Ясности) - ritual/black ambient. Russia
Угасание / Ugasanie - ritual ambient. Belarus
Ухушуху / Uhushuhu - drone ambient. Russia
Цепь Мандрагоры / Mandragora's Chain - experimental industrial, noise. Ukraine
Шесть Мёртвых Болгар – Six Dead Bulgarians - experimental industrial. Russia
Шумы России / Noises of Russia - experimental industrial. Russia
Ягельурта - ritual ambient. Russia

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