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Die Militarmusik Forum » Musik » Ambient » Nox Arcana (neoclassics / dark ambient / ethereal, USA)
Nox Arcana
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Nox Arcana is renowned for creating haunting, gothic-themed soundscapes with classic horror references, strong literary influences, original and captivating storylines, and hidden riddles and elaborate puzzles. The band is the musical manifestation of gothic fantasy artist Joseph Vargo. After successfully producing several gothic, horror-themed concept albums for other bands, Vargo formed Nox Arcana with fellow musician William Piotrowski in 2003. The name Nox Arcana is derived from two Latin words, which roughly translate to "mysteries of the night."

Nox Arcana's debut album, Darklore Manor, was featured as the musical score for the WB's televised special of the 1922 silent film classic, Nosferatu, and has spawned a book of original horror stories, The Legend of Darklore Manor and Other Tales of Terror. Their haunting Gothic soundtracks have also been used in theatrical productions of Bram Stokers' Dracula, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and Lewis Carrol's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. During the Halloween season the music of Nox Arcana can be heard throughout haunted attractions and theme parks around the world, including Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Six Flags, and Knott’s Berry Farm.

In keeping with Vargo's literary interests, several concept albums pay tribute to many of his favorite authors. The darkly seductive album, Transylvania, ventures into the land of vampires, musically expounding upon Bram Stoker's Dracula. The sinister Necronomicon is brought to life in Nox Arcana's homage to H.P. Lovecraft. And the unsettling Blackthorn Asylum explores the horrors of a forsaken 19th century sanitarium with an original storyline that expands upon Lovecraft's "From Beyond." Carnival of Lost Souls takes listeners inside an old-fashioned traveling circus that harbors living nightmares and sinister secrets, in the tradition of Bradbury’s "Something Wicked This Way Comes." The morbid and melancholy Shadow of the Raven pays tribute to the great Edgar Allan Poe, and the darkly enchanting Grimm Tales album brings the childhood nightmares of the Brothers Grimm to life.

Nox Arcana created the music for Blood of Angels in 2006, an album featuring vocals and lyrics by noted gothic author and classical vocalist Michelle Belanger. In keeping with the insane pace that Vargo sets for all of his projects, the album was written and recorded in only 5 days. During this time Nox Arcana also delved into the realms of fantasy with the medieval sword and sorcery epic, Blood of the Dragon, which stormed in at #4 on Amazon's New Age chart. Nox Arcana also explored the mysteries of the deep with Phantoms of the High Seas, a ghostly adventure steeped in pirate lore. Their gothic-Christmas release Winter's Knight peaked at #8 on the Billboard Music Chart for Best Holiday Album in 2006 and 2007. In 2017, Nox Arcana's Carnival Of Lost Souls ranked on MSN at #101 for Best Album of All Time. Nox Arcana shares the spotlight with The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and The Ramones.

Since the early stages of Blackthorn Asylum, Nox Arcana has been the solo project of Joseph Vargo, who has been the sole composer and musician on all subsequent albums: Winter's Eve and Winter's Majesty continues the celebration of the magic and wonder of the winter season. Theater of Illusion conjures a realm of mystery and dark magic, set in an old Vaudeville theater, hidden from the outside world, where master magicians gather to display their talents every Halloween night. The Dark Tower is a sinister symphony based on Vargo's original book series, Tales From The Dark Tower, and its sequel, Beyond The Dark Tower, which follows an epic saga of the vampire Lord Brom and his quest to solve the ancient mysteries of the accursed keep. Joseph also composed the music for two Buzz-Works albums, Zombie Influx and House of Nightmares.

Joseph's release of Legion of Shadows marks Nox Arcana's 10 year anniversary and is dedicated to their fans. William simultaneously debuted his solo project, the original motion picture soundtrack for the vampire film Crimson Winter. With the release of Gothic, Nox Arcana defines the genre, daring the listener to stay the night in a haunted mansion. Each winter season, Vargo continues his holiday tradition with a new volume of songs in the Ebonshire series.

Over the past decade, Nox Arcana has released a total of 24 albums, comprising more than 400 compositions, and has become the foremost provider of specialty theme music. As with all of Nox Arcana’s albums, the concepts and themes are of personal interest to Joseph Vargo, who also creates the lavish artwork, captivating storylines and hidden puzzles that accompany each CD. The section called The Arcanum offers entertaining information about Nox Arcana's favorite authors and arcane subjects.

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Nox Arcana - Season Of The Witch (2017)

Label: Monolith Graphics
Format: Album, CD
Country: USA
Style: Neoclassics, Dark Ambient, Ethereal


01. The Witching Hour
02. Autumn Dusk
03. Bell, Book and Candle
04. Shadow Dance
05. The Path of No Return
06. Gypsy Spell
07. Spirits in the Mist
08. Dark Powers
09. Warlock's Wake
10. Malleus Maleficarum
11. Witch Hunters
12. From the Ashes
13. The Haunted Forest
14. Raven's Hollow
15. Black Cauldron
16. Unpleasant Dreams
17. Book of Shadows
18. Mystic Circle
19. Sabbat Night
20. Ritual of Fire
21. Season of the Witch

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Nox Arcana ‎– Phantoms Of The High Seas (2008)

Label: Monolith Graphics ‎– MG 1010
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 13 Oct 2008
Genre: Electronic, Rock, Classical
Style: Medieval, Symphonic Rock, Renaissance, Theme, Dark Ambient, Goth Rock

01. Dead Men Tell No Tales (02:26)
02. The High Seas (02:56)
03. Edge Of The World (04:21)
04. Pirates (05:10)
05. The Gallows Jig (01:50)
06. Crossfire (03:00)
07. Oblivion (03:00)
08. Racing The Wind (04:15)
09. Siren’s Call (02:33)
10. Trove Island (03:23)
11. Against The Storm (03:21)
12. Lords Of The Deep (02:27)
13. Maelstrom (01:22)
14. Out Of The Mist (03:02)
15. Still Waters (02:22)
16. Black Sails (03:01)
17. Fate Of The Tempest (04:11)
18. The Fog Rolls In (01:32)
19. Widow’s Harbor (02:56)
20. Ghost Ship (02:47)
21. Skull and Crossbones (03:11)

Total Time: 01:06:31

Composed By, Engineer – William Piotrowski
Composed By, Producer – Joseph Vargo

Hearken ye pirates and black-hearted sea dogs... Nox Arcana beckons ye to set sail upon the haunted seas where ghost ships prowl the misty dead of night and ancient treasure lies buried far below the endless waves. This epic soundscape explores the mysteries of the deep with dynamic orchestrations, ghostly melodies, pirate anthems and gothic choirs. Set a course for high adventure!

Die Militarmusik Forum » Musik » Ambient » Nox Arcana (neoclassics / dark ambient / ethereal, USA)
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